Apex Legends scopes: How to pull off Toe-Scope trick shot?

Thanks to a unique Apex Legends trick shot, players can pull off a 360 no-scope while playing the game with their feet.

credit: Respawn

Thanks to a unique Apex Legends trick shot, players can pull off a 360 no-scope while playing the game with their feet. Apex Legends is a fusion of battle royale and hero shooter genres, enabling players to pick from a variety of different playable characters and face off in small squads. Classic trick shot sniper skills are very common in the game, with the 360 no-scope being the premier example.

The game lets players experience unique gameplay by combining games like Overwatch and Fortnite. Each playable character has its own unique abilities, dramatically changing a team’s strategies depending on characters added to the team.

The game’s battle royale mechanics allow each group to skydive into the map of their choice, with weapons and resources being scavenged once players land. Since the game has come out, many players have managed to find unique and impressive ways to control the game, with an Apex Legends hip-fire accuracy trick that allows players to easily take down the enemies.

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Recently, Reddit user itsPsilo_youtube managed to score a round-winning no-scope using their feet. While this could put many players at a huge disadvantage, the Redditor seems to be playing well despite the bizarre setup. At the end of the round, the player was attacked by an enemy, and the player launched themselves high into the air and did several 360-degree rotations. After the spin they used their toe to fire a no-scope shot, taking down the last standing opponent in style.

While some players of the game restrict themselves to increase the game’s difficulty, the company has carefully maintained the title’s competitive balance since the game came out. In September last year, Respawn removed tap starfing from Apex Legends, ending a widely known technique. This strategy enabled players to take sharp turns in the air while maintaining their momentum, leading to incredibly fast movement.

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