Apex Legends' Ranking System in Season 13: How Does Rank Demotion Work?

The thirteenth season of Apex Legends is finally here, and with it comes a new character: Newcastle, from Respawn Entertainment. With the start of the new competitive season, many new players are turning to the ranked game mode to put their skills to the test. However, some players may have questions about its ranking system. Apex Legends’ Ranking System in Season 13: How Does Rank Demotion Work?

Apex Legends, like every other competitive video game, includes a ranking system based on tiers with certain benchmarks. The game includes the basic Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers, as well as the higher Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Apex Predator tiers. Titanfall is referenced in the final tier. Apex Legends uses a different method of calculating ranks than other popular shooter games. Knowing how points are calculated in this game might help players figure out which gameplay elements are most important for ranking higher, so they can practise and improve on them.

Apex Legends’ Ranking System: Earning and Losing Ranks

Some of the more important details from prior seasons have been preserved. Season 13 does, however, introduce some small changes to how players gain ranked points (RP), which are required to advance in rank. Most importantly, scoring kills in a ranked game contributes less to a player’s total RP earned for the match.

This isn’t to say that players should avoid getting kills in the game. RP earned for getting kills has been readjusted to draw reference from the number of team kills compared to how the player contributed individually. If the team has 5 kills in total, but the player has not gotten one, they will receive less RP.

The cap on earning RP solely for kills has been removed as well. However, the amount of RP players earn for killing enemies in a game decreases over time. The RP penalty for killing someone in the lower tier has been removed as well. With these changes in mind, we can begin to look at how players lose their ranks. Players must pay a minimal sum of RP to begin a rated game in Apex Legends. With each rank, the amount of RP grows. Players in the Bronze tier, on the other hand, can enter their ranked games for free. The amount they paid will be displayed in the corner of their screen once the game starts.

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Apex Legends players will always be able to see how much RP they are collecting as the game proceeds. The same may be said about the quantity of RP lost by the player. Players can lose RP by failing to complete enough RP-rewarding activities in a game; as a result, the cost of entering the rated game exceeds the amount of RP received. Players will receive 100 RP for moving up a tier. Players may lose their rank as a result of this. Once a player has earned no RP in a tier, they will have one more game to acquire RP before being demoted. To avoid losing their hard-earned success, players who have recently ranked up will be safeguarded for three games before being deranked.

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