Apex Legends Players Call Celestial Sunrise Event "Shameless"

The final prize of the Celestial Sunrisers tournament has been revealed and the Apex Legends players are not impressed with the 'shameless'.

Apex Legends Players Call Celestial Sunrise Event "Shameless" , Credit : Apex Legends
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The final prize of the Celestial Sunrisers tournament has been revealed and the Apex Legends players are not impressed with the ‘shameless’ peacekeeping skin players they get to buy the entire tournament.The price that players have to pay to finish the collection event is huge. These events typically come with 24 items in total, putting the cost of getting everything through the chest around $160 USD.Given that you can spend the most $100 on Apex coins at once, players will have to buy multiple currency packs to buy the event. If you need more information about Apex Legends Players Call Celestial Sunrise Event “Shameless” then read carefully and don’t forget to share with your friends.

Apex Legends Players Call Celestial Sunrise Event “Shameless” :

The reward of the upcoming Celestial Sunrise Collection event is a reactive peacekeeper skin rather than a dazzling new legacy, which closely mirrors the already existing war near skin. Players aren’t too happy asking for a price for the skin, calling it a “shameless” event reward.

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The collection program has been a big part of Apex Legends’ content cycle. On top of bringing themed skins that celebrate the event, they often come with limited-time game modes and other fresh content that brings something for everyone to enjoy. And, while the price of getting your hands on something like heritage is very high, it’s worth it in the eyes of many players. Especially if it’s for one of your favorite legends.

But the new reactive peacekeeping skin hasn’t seen the same level of satisfaction from players, leading many to point out that it’s similar to a previous war pass reward, while arguing that it’s not worth the price to ask.

‘Frostbite’ skin tops season 3 fight, ‘Jadeite Attribution’ placed at the bottom of collection event
For comparison, here’s the original Season 3 Battle Pass skin, ‘Frostbite’, next to the skin of the new weapon. They have the same ironsite and frame, and players have assumed it will have the same 3-level progression as frostbite skin, where more and more spikes are added to the weapon as you hit. Even if it’s not a straight color, the two skins are visually very close.

Reddit wasn’t kind to this announcement, with players immediately recognizing the skin of the early days of the Apex Legends. The Reddit user summed up the frustration of Apex players with monetization with a comment discussing the progress of the collection event awards.”Previously it was a legacy for $160. Expensive, but quite reasonable, they are items unique to each legend. Then, we were sold the ‘progressive’ legend skins as myths. Plus $160, plus another way to expand for Respawn and have more CE every season. There was more reaction. So now, naturally, we get a reactive peacekeeper skin color that was given at Battle Pass (S3) several seasons ago.

This user also mentioned that they wouldn’t be surprised to see the legacy recolored at this point, followed by another Redditor discussing rumors that a Rath Hirloom reclumer is ahead. Comments on Celestial Sunrise Megathread are filled with users complaining about the current state of the game, whether it’s a complaint about server issues or frustration with the event. One user described the upcoming event of Respon as ‘completely shameless’.

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