Apex Legends pathfinder grapple guide: How to use this exploit?

Apex Legends will soon be bringing a brand new season named Defiance for its fans.

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Apex Legends will soon be bringing a brand new season named Defiance for its fans. With 11 seasons worth of experience under its offerings, players have come up with some unique techniques to take down opponents.

Each Legend in the game features a different ability for players to make use of during the matches. From Mirage’s Vanishing Act that deploys decoys to distract enemies to Bangalore’s artillery strike named Rolling Thunder, there are a lot of abilities. Players have now managed to exploit one of the more renowned Legends.

Apex Legends’ Pathfinder exploit

Known as an MRVN (Mobile Robotic Versatile eNtity), this robot isn’t very popular among fans. Pathfinder’s grappling hook and zipline abilities make this character very crucial for mobility across the map terrain.

As YouTuber Dirty Skirty explains, many hours of experimentation and playtime have led them to find a new detail about the grapple mechanic. This glitch lets the character manipulate the grapple so that foes will be unable to get the hook. This exploit requires players to shoot the hook at an enemy. While the helpless foe is being pulled towards them, turn at a 45-degree angle on either side.

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In addition, payers must also move in the backward direction and maintain the grapple at a set distance so the grapple doesn’t auto-fix its aim. They have to be very precise as going too close will let go of the opponent and going too far could result in breaking the grip.

If that isn’t hard enough, players will also be required to move all the time. Additionally, to keep track of their surrounding while going backward, bumping into something could also end the grapple. The bright side of this is that players can reload and shoot, pop grenades, and swap weapons during this glitch.

The video also shows other uses of the infinite grapple exploit as the grapple mechanic in general. Note that since these are in-game exploits, there is a chance that exploiting these glitches can lead to an account ban.

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