Apex Legends Mobile: Best Legends players can choose

Apex Legends Mobile has a smaller starting roster of Legends, but it’s as complex as the main title.

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Apex Legends brought a cast of unique characters that possessed their own set of skills. Apex Legends Mobile, however, has a smaller starting roster of Legends, but it’s as complex as the main title.

While each character has their own unique abilities, strengths, and weak points, it’s still difficult to balance everything perfectly. Some Legends are simply better than others. In this article, we will discuss the best Legends players can choose from.


Caustic might not be fit for everyone’s tastes, but for players who like close-quarters combat, Caustic is an attack Legend as he is defensive. His Passive allows this legend to see any enemies that are within his gas. His Ultimate isn’t that fun, as it is just a Nox Gas Grenade that spreads more Nox over a wide area, but it can be used more aggressively than the traps.

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Octane can prove to be the most deadly Legend in the right hands. He has an ultra-aggressive playstyle, which sometimes makes him a liability to the squad. Octane’s Passive is Swift Mend, which is something great. It gives him small, automatic health regain over time. His Ultimate is Launch Pad, which drops a platform down that can launch players super high to quickly traverse, or reposition around the map.


Wraith is another highly sought-after offensive Legend. She might not be as overpowered as Caustic but is equally hard to wield. She could be a great top-tier Legend, but using her could backfire hard on the squad at times. Her Passive is pretty simple and tells players if an enemy is aiming at them. Her Ultimate, The Dimensional Rift, creates an entry and exit rip in space that anyone can take advantage of to warp from one place on the map to another.

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