Apex Legends map: Habitat map guide for Apex Legends

There are several ways to enjoy Apex Legends, and the Arena mode is definitely one of them.

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There are several ways to enjoy Apex Legends, and the Arena mode is definitely one of them. Ever since the mode was added to the game, it has become a core part of the game. The Dark Depths thematic event recently hit the live servers with stunning cosmetics, and it also brought a new Arenas map, Habitat Four.

The Arena maps are smaller in comparison to full-sized ones, and there are only two points of interest (POI) in Habitat. Though the game can be considered as fast-paced even in regular modes, the Arena mode brings more action to the mix. It usually takes a few matches to get the hang of the new maps in the Arena mode, but researching beforehand can reduce the period significantly.

There are a total of two POIs on Habitat – The Nest and The Cave. If players know what to look out for in both these landmarks, they’ll have a chance to stay one step ahead of their competition.

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The Cave

The Cave as a POI favors close-to-mid range combat with its enclosed structure. Maintaining a high-ground advantage inside key can be helpful in surviving, but players can also wreak havoc from the ground if they pay close attention to their surroundings.

Inside The Cave, players will find a Waterway that’s corroding the land. This Waterslide does more than increase the POI’s visual aesthetic since it also serves as an escape tool. If players are in need to evacuate the landmark as fast as possible, it’s best to use the Waterslide, they can also use it to plan a wraparound, which can lead up to sneak attacks.

The Nest

While The Cave will be the home of close battle fans, The Nest is the complete opposite. This POI favors Mid-to-long range combat, and its open nature makes it a good place for snipers on Habitat. It is packed with Leviathan Eggs that do not break. Their durability makes them ideal cover while they also rotate around the landmark.

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