Apex Legends bug with Revenant send players under the map

Bugs are prevalent in extremely complicated games like Apex Legends, and players have discovered one in Revenant. This issue mostly affects Revenant’s ultimate, which resurrects players and throws them under the map. Apex Legends bug with Revenant send players under the map

While Revenant’s Death Token is a blessing for maximal survival in the Outlands, it swiftly became a burden in this case.

The bug, according to u/ghostly249 on Reddit, drove the entire team under the map and rendered them powerless as they failed to climb back up. The user also made a witty remark about it, saying, “I sent my squad to hell,” and demonstrating the silliness of it with a video.

Redditor sheds light on Apex Legends bug that sent them to “hell”

In Apex Legends Season 4 Assimilation, Revenant joined the party, bringing with him an unknown dark origin. When the legend first appeared in the game, he completely changed the game, yet he, like every other character, had shortcomings.

Now in Season 12, the Legend is still a valuable member of the team, and players have no reservations about selecting him. However, the Legend failed to match Reddit user u/expectations ghostly249’s by putting them in a dangerous scenario.

Everything stayed normal as the player put their Revenant ultimate for their allies and used it to their advantage. However, the scenario swiftly devolved into hilarity as these individuals were respawned beneath the map after initially dying. The crew met their fate when they were unable to flee the subterranean and died helplessly from the oncoming zone.

While the cause of the glitch is unknown, various players and users suspect that it occurs when any Revenant player uses their ultimate on a slope.

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