Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Collection Event: Start Date, Battle Pass and More

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By Tanisha Wankhade | Jan 20, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


The latest Apex event has been declared, and it is the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event. As you know, with every new event, a new mode and a bunch of free and premium cosmetics come in Apex Legends. Check out the details about it in this article. Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Collection Event: Start Date, Battle Pass and More.


We have passed the half part of Apex Legends Season 15, and new content is ready to arrive soon in the game; no need to look for the end of the season to get new content. Respawn launches regular midseason events to keep fans engaged with the game.  Every event has a limited-time-mode, fresh cosmetics, and zero-cost rewards and the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event is also like that. The skins look great, or we can say decent than anything in the Apex item shop available this week.

Here in this article, you can check out every detail that you must know about Apex Legend’s latest Celestial Sunrise Collection Event. We’ve added the beginning date and times, new skins, and everything we know so far in this article.

Start Date & Time of Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Event?

The Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Event will start on Tuesday, January 24 at 1 PM ET (10 AM PT / 6 PM GMT / 7 PM CET). This event will be there for nearly two weeks and that is simply sufficient time to obtain all of the zero-cost rewards and grind the LTM. The Celestial Sunrise Event will conclude on Tuesday, February 7, at 1 PM ET (10 AM PT / 6 PM GMT / 7 PM CET).

How is the Battle Pass of Apex Legends Season 15?

 You must be wondering if the Apex Legends Season 15 Battle Pass is worth buying. Then here is the answer.

Fresh cosmetics items are arriving in the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event. For some of it, you need to spend money, but others can be obtained for free.

What Are Celestial Sunrise Collection Event Free Rewards?

You can receive “Event Points” up to 1600 every day by just playing Apex and finishing event-specific challenges and it get refresh daily. As you get Event Points you receive free rewards. The maximum points you can get are 5000, at which point you’ve obtained all accesible rewards.

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