Apex Legends ALGS: How to get Prime Gaming drops?

The playoffs for the first spilt of the 2022 Apex Legends Global Series are ongoing.

credit: EA/Respawn

The playoffs for the first spilt of the 2022 Apex Legends Global Series are ongoing. Regional tournaments across the globe have started with a total pool prize of $1 million. Some of the best Apex squads from North America, EMEA, and northern APAC clashed on Jan 22 and 23. The playoffs for both southern APAC and South America are done already, with Team Singularity and Dreamfire taking the first spot, respectively.

But there’s still a lot of action left, especially since EA and ALGS brought in the Multiview feature to the official PlayApex Twitch channel. But it doesn’t stop there. Dedicated viewers can also earn in-game rewards by watching cumulative hours of ALGS matches through Twitch drops.

How to get Twitch drops during the ALGS playoffs?

To do so, players will have to first connect their EA account to their Prime Gaming account. They can do so by going to Twitch, going to the Prime Gaming Loot page through the crown icon on the top right. Then they have to click on the first Apex item they see.

During the playoffs, that would be the Core Crafter Bundle, which will be available until Feb 17. Players need to click on “Claim” and there should be a pop-up with a link to EA’s website where they can link their account.

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When they first click through, they might have to log into their Amazon account. If they are already connected to EA, it will take them back to the Loot page. Otherwise, they will be asked to allow the account to sign in to EA. Then, they can sign on to EA and the accounts should link and they can return to the Loot page.

Once they are connected, they can start watching the official PlayApex stream. They’ll earn a dropped reward for each cumulative hour watched, up to 4 total. Once they earn one, they will be able to claim it from the inventory page. The rewards are as follows:

  • The Rare “ALGS Playoffs ’21” Holospray after one hour watched.
  • The Rare “Scarlet Scale” Prowler skin after two hours watched.
  • The Rare “Singularity” Bloodhound skin after three hours watched.
  • The Epic “Champions Cup” Gun Charm after four hours watched.

All of these items will be present in the player’s in-game inventory once they are claimed from the Prime Gaming Inventory page.

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