Any Indian Valorant Player Who Reaches the Top 10 Radiant Will Receive Special Offer Details from VLT Sentinel

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A committed Indian Valorant player might have a good chance of joining Velocity Gaming, but the caveat is that they would need to be among the top 10 Radiant ranks of the current season. Will organisations be interested in buying an unknown Indian Valorant player who has reached the top ten radiant rank? Was the query posed by one of the viewers during a recent Q&A session that Manoj “VLT Sentinel” Kasyap, Owner of Velocity Gaming, presented on his official YouTube channel? In response to this inquiry, VLT Sentinel shared the specifics of the contract he would be prepared to offer for any such Indian player, after thoroughly screening them to ensure their integrity. Any Indian Valorant Player Who Reaches the Top 10 Radiant Will Receive Special Offer Details from VLT Sentinel

Any Indian player that ranks among the top 10 radiant players in Valorant has their contract information revealed by Velocity Gaming’s owner

All teams have started putting together their strategies for the next competition, which will be the first time the competitive Valorant circuit uses the recently adopted franchise system. In order to strengthen their various lineups, Indian esports organisations have already begun to make the required adjustments. Velocity Gaming, for example, brought in Saksham “Deadly10” Aurangabadkar and Karan “excali” Mhaswadkar in the latter part of last year.

However, it appears that the organisation is still more than willing to add a new player, but there are some very absurd standards that they would need to meet in order to be eligible for the same. VLT Sentinel notes that even before multinational organisations, he would be more than pleased to bring on board an Indian player who has attained the top 10 radiant ranks. The contract that would be extended to him would be as follows:

• Monthly base salary of 2,50,000 Indian rupees.

• Free lodging at the Bootcamp run by Velocity Gaming.

• All travel costs are paid when participating in LAN competitions, attending meet and greet events, and participating in other similar activities.

If you’re in the top ten for radiant and assuming you’re clean, this is the offer that would be made to you, according to VLT Sentinel. “We’ll conduct tryouts, examine your games, and if there are no strange patterns, you’ll get this,” the person said. He continued by saying that no player on Velocity Gaming’s roster at the moment has received such an offer, but if an Indian player manages to place in the top ten in Radiant, they will be granted such a deal.

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The viewer had posed a hypothetical question, so it came as quite a surprise to learn that VLT Sentinel was actually prepared to respond in this way, outlining some crucial terms of a Valorant player contract. Any serious Valorant player would need to possess the incredible desire to even approach or attempt to complete this challenge, which is pretty challenging. Given that the aforementioned statement is adequate to spur them on in the right direction, it will be intriguing to watch if anyone is able to accomplish this accomplishment.

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