Active Propnight Codes For March 2022

We don't know when or if the game's creators will release more codes.

FNTASTIC’s Propnight Codes – classic horror multiplayer survival – Redeem these secret codes to get some exclusive skins, such as Taiga’s Baseball Star outfit. Active Propnight Codes For March 2022

Active Propnight Codes – Skin Code List

  • 2022105761 – Code Reward: The Little Tigress Taiga Skin (New)
  • 2356 – Code Reward: The Imposter’s Puppet skin
  • 6641 – Code Reward: Igor’s Bear costume
  • 3011 – Code Reward: Gamer Girl outfit for Kate
  • 0312 – Code Reward: Baseball Star outfit for Taiga

We don’t know when or if the game’s creators will release more codes. We can assure you that as soon as a new code becomes available for redemption, we will add it to the list.

How To Redeem Propnight Codes For Skin Code?

  • Propnight needs to be launched.
  • Go to the main menu.
  • Enter the secret code (without using the Numpad).
  • Take advantage of your freebies.

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How to Play Propnight?

Propnight is a 4vs1 multiplayer physics-based prop hunt with elements of classic horror survival. Teenagers continue to vanish mysteriously in a small provincial town. But who or what is responsible for this?

Play the role of a survivor:

To hide from a killer, transform into any prop.
Repair To escape, use escape machines.
Assume the role of a Killer.

Take on the role of a ruthless assassin.
To win, you must seek out other players.
Propnight, a multiplayer physics-based prop hunt mixed with classic horror survival, invites you to a thrilling party.

Patch 1.1.1 is now available.

Propnight Patch Update

  • Voice chat – fixed that the voices of people from the previous match could still be heard after leaving the match
  • Castle – fixed Impostor’s camera teleporting to the Survivors’ spawn point upon turning into a small prop
  • Survivors – fixed that Survivors could widen after being rescued from a Killer’s hands
  • Survivors – fixed that the Survivor who was being carried by a Killer could fall through the map when Camera was used to stun the Killer
  • Survivors – fixed Survivors’ movement and crawling animations breaking after being put down by a Killer
  • Igor – fixed the possibility of Charge’s speed slowing down if activated during Chainsaw Terror’s cooldown
  • Closable Doors – fixed that collisions from destroyed Closable Doors could remain
  • Closable Doors – fixed Killers not being able to damage either the Closable Doors or a Survivor if the Survivor was standing close to them
  • UI Gameplay – now hotkeys on the screen match those that are assigned in the settings

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