5 Rarest Gun Skins In BGMI

BGMI has established itself as one of the most popular games in India just nine months after its release. The Battle Royale mode of the game is popular with millions of players. As a result, the creators may occasionally release new cosmetics to enhance the gaming experience. 5 Rarest Skins

Among all the cosmetics, though, the passion for gun skins is huge. While some skins are easy to obtain by purchasing them from the in-game shop, others are extremely rare and only a select few gamers have them. The worth of those gamers’ stuff has only increased as a result of these skins.

Rarest gun skins possessed by a few in BGMI

Stray Rebellion Beryl M762 : 5 Rarest Skins

The Stray Rebellion Beryl M762 is the newest addition to Battlegrounds Mobile India’s Lucky Spin area. Several skins for the gun have already appeared in the game, but the Stray Rebellion skin is the most appealing.

It is one of the rarest equipment in the game because it is the only gun skin that can be upgraded to Level 8.

The joker’s mouth protrudes with many springs and horns in the final form, which is tinted pink and purple. The Glorious Moment upgrade level, on the other hand, distinguishes the skin. On top of a glowing loot box, it has a revolving joker’s head.

PMGC Prestige Scar-L : 5 Rarest Skins

The PUBG Mobile Global Championships are the game’s primary esports tournament. Krafton offered a mythic gun skin, PMGC 2021 Prestige Scar-L, through the Premium Crate in BGMI to commemorate the top event (held in January 2021).

The Scar-L skin’s distinctive ‘on impact’ effect (used to stun players while being shot, similar to the Glacier M416) helped it gain popularity among players and fans of the game. The skin, however, as a mythic item, became an uncommon item in BGMI.

Fool M416 : 5 Rarest Skins

The Fool M416 skin is often likened to the Glacier M416 skin and is one of the most popular gun skins in the game. When improved to its final form, the former is the only upgradable skin that transforms from a legendary to a mythic variant.

The final design features a tongue protruding from a laughing joker’s mouth, giving the skin an uncanny appearance. The skin, which is purple in colour, is an uncommon item in the game, with only a few individuals in the community owning it.

Snowcapped berg SKS

The Snowcapped Berg SKS is one of BGMI’s rarest gun skins. In the year 2022, it was the first upgradable gun skin to emerge in the game. Several well-known YouTubers have spent tens of thousands of UCs to purchase the upgradeable SKS skin, which is currently the most beautiful skin in the game.

The skin may be improved to level 5, and the ultimate form has a colour palette that is reminiscent of the hex crystals that were introduced in BGMI when the Mirror World mode was accessible.

Ryomen Sukuna Groza

During Battlegrounds Mobile India’s association with famed Japanese manga Jujutsu Kaisen, the Ryomen Sukuna Groza gun skin was introduced. The greatest skin for the airdrop weapon is said to be the gun skin, which can be upgraded to Level 7.

Unlike most other upgradable skins in the game, the cosmetic also contains an exclusive Firearm Ornament. Which also enticed notable YouTubers and a few BGMI players to spend a lot of UCs to get the skin. The final form of the skin has a fiery appearance due to a flashing red eye.

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