5 most popular Pokemon from new generations of Pokemon

What started as just affection for Pikachu, has now moved to a major fandom for the series and the third or fourth generation of Pokemons.

Charizard is among the most popular Pokemon. (Image: Twitter)
By Aaryanshi Mohan | Mar 22, 2021 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

The Pokemon anime has been extremely famous across the globe. With the addition of a new Pokemon or a new generation, one can manage to develop a liking for each Pokemon ever since the series began. 

Five most popular Pokemon from the anime


In the initial days of Pokemon, we saw Gen I introduced Eevee and the three possible evolutions. When we did move to Gen II we saw a completely different kind of Eeveelution that took place in completely different evolutionary conditions. Umbreon still stands as a fan favourite.

Umbreon owes most of its popularity to the distinct design it has when compared to the other Eeveelutions. Though simple, the yellow bands and rings around its body, alongside its red eyes make it one of the most memorable of its generation.


Charizard has enjoyed the fanbase that it has since the beginning of Pokemon. What started as sympathy for a barely surviving Charmander quickly moved to admiration for Charizard. Needless to say, it’s one of the most recognizable Pokemon in the series.

Charizard’s ranking has fluctuated a lot over the years. However, it has been a tough contender with Pikachu for years. Its constant appearance in the top 5 shows that fans still can’t get enough of the original Fire-type starter.


Mimikyu is one of the newer generation Pokemons in the series, and the number of days doesn’t really define the kind of popularity this Pokemon enjoys. Introduced in Gen VII, Mimikyu’s popularity is no surprise when we take a look at the Pokemon it mimicks.

The resemblance that Mimikyu has with one of the most Pokemons– Pikachu could be the reason why Mimikyu enjoyed the early attention. However, the sad background and the lore surrounding is the main reason for this Pokemon among fans. 


Lucario stands on the number two stop on this list of top five Pokemons. It was actually able to achieve this feat by being one of the most popular Gen IV Fighting/Steel-type Pokemon.

Much like the case with almost every Pokemon in this list, Lucario was also given a Mega Evolution. It has also been part of many tournaments like the Pokkén Tournament & Super Smash Bros. series, and continues to be a part of various manga and spin-off titles.


Greninja’s massive popularity and the fact that it enjoys the top spot in this list along with a huge fanbase should not be much of a shocker. The Gen VI Water-type starter had a memorable stint as a part of Ash’s team in the anime.

Like Lucario, Greninja’s popularity is because of how it is portrayed by the franchise. Much like Lucario, this Pokemon also appears in other versions of the game, spin-offs and also has a strong presence in the manga and TCG.