5 Manga Series That Could Be Ending in 2023

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It’s safe to say that 2022 was yet another eventful year for the anime and manga communities as it has ended. A lot of new manga and anime announcements were made this year, giving fans much to look forward to in 2023. Without a doubt, 2023 will be fantastic, but some fan groups may receive some unfavorable news. There is a chance that some of the manga series will conclude this year, as there usually is. Although some authors have already given a timeline, it is absolutely possible that the manga will end earlier or even later. Here are a few manga that could end in 2023 in light of that. 5 Manga Series That Could Be Ending in 2023

Here Are the 5 Manga that could be ending in 2023

5. My Hero Academia

One of the most well-known anime shows is My Hero Academia. Sales have increased as a result of its enormous fan base over the years. Over 50 million copies of the manga have already been sold, and sales are expected to keep rising. The manga is currently on its Final War Arc, the last significant war arc in the series and, as the name implies, is currently in progress. In a statement, Kohei Horikoshi expressed his belief that he would eventually run out of time to continue sketching the characters. The manga could end in 2023 based on all these factors.

4. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen swiftly gained popularity after a stellar first season. A film that was released after the anime garnered enough revenue to rank as the seventh highest-grossing anime film of all time. Following such a stunning triumph, the manga also gained notoriety, which prompted a sharp rise in its sales. The second season of the anime will debut in July 2023, it was announced at Jump Festa ’23. George Akutami is not looking to make the story longer than it needs to be, despite its popularity. He stated that he intended to finish the manga in a year at his most recent interview. The manga adaptation of Jujutsu Kaisen appears to be scheduled to expire in 2023, barring any hiccups.

3. Mashle: Magic and Muscles

Hajime Komoto is the author of the shonen comic Mashle: Magic and Muscles. It is a very new manga because its serialisation in the Weekly Shonen Jump only started in 2020. It was revealed that Mashle: Magic and Muscles was nearing its final arc in May 2022. The most recent chapters have shown that Hajime Komoto is attempting to end the manga on a positive note. Fans will want the comic to last a little while longer, but it appears that Komoto has no plans to keep creating the manga. There is no need to panic if the manga does stop in 2023 because an anime adaptation of the series is in the works.

2. Berserk

Given that Kouji Mori, Miura’s best friend, confirmed he would finish the manga, Berserk’s position on the list might raise some questions. Strangely, many Berserk fans have voiced their displeasure at the manga’s continuance because they want the series to be completed by Miura alone.

However, this is not the main factor listing the manga. While Mori and Miura’s crew has done a terrific job, the true reason is that it appears that they still struggle to provide chapters on a regular basis. When Berserk Chapter 371 was published in December 2022, it was the first time since Mori took over that the publication date of the following chapter had not been specified. As a result, it’s likely that they will entirely discontinue the manga or that, they simply need more time to finish the chapters. Berserk won’t appear again if that’s the case.

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1. Shikizakura

One of the few manga series that were released following the anime is called Shikizakura. Even though the anime was announced in 2018, its premiere wasn’t until 2021. Shikizakura’s anime adaptation drew a range of reactions from viewers, but it didn’t stop a manga adaptation from being made. In 2020, Hayato Aoki introduced Shikizakura in the Monthly Action publication of Futabasha. The third collected book of Shikizakura revealed the story’s conclusion. According to a declaration in the volume, the fourth volume of the series will be the last.

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