5 Best Gaming Mouse for Valorant, CS:GO 2022

In Valorant, as in other games, gaming accessories have a substantial impact on a player’s performance. For a stress-free gaming experience, gamers require mouse(s), keyboards, headphones, and mousepads as standard equipment.

Valorant is one of the most popular esports games, with players from all around the world participating. The number of active players continues to rise in tandem with the game’s growing popularity. This article highlights five gaming mouse(s) best suited to the explosive mobility features of the title to cater to the rising Valorant fanbase.

List of Highly Efficient Gaming Mouse for Valorant

The list of 5 best mouse(s) is given below ideal to play valorant and price ranging from high to low

  1. Final mouse Starlight-12
  2. Steel series Prime Mini Wireless
  3. Logitech G303 Shroud Edition
  4. Glorious Model D minus Wireless
  5. Razer Viper Mini

1) Final Mouse Starlight-12 : Gaming Mouse for Valorant

Price: $189.99 / 14,496 Rupees
SpecificationsDPI: 20000
Sensor: Optical final sensor
Buttons: 6Ergonomic
Ambidextrous Weight: 1.5 oz (42 g)

Starlight-12, Finalmouse’s 2021 release, has been their most exciting model to date. The mouse comes in small and larger sizes and has a honeycomb-style magnesium frame.

Finalmouse Starlight-12 comes in a variety of beautiful colours and has an incredibly light base weight. Its mobility makes it a good choice for ranked Valorant competition.

2) Steelseries Prime Mini Wireless : Gaming Mouse for Valorant

Price$139.99 / 10,659 Rupees
SpecificationsDPI: 18000
Sensor: Optical | SteelSeries TrueMove Air
Buttons: 5Ergonomic
Right-handedWeight: 2.5 oz (73 g)

The Steelseries Prime Wireless Mini is a 7g lighter version of the Steelseries Prime Wireless. The TrueMove Air optical sensor ensures precise tracking, while Quantum 2.0 wireless networking ensures lag-free gaming.

This Steelseries mouse is great for Valorant gameplay thanks to its ultra-lightweight construction and elegant simple appearance.

3) Logitech G303 Shroud Edition

Price$129.99 / 9,880 Rupees
SpecificationsDPI: 25000
Sensor: Optical | HERO 25K
Buttons: 6Ergonomic
Right-handed Weight: 2.2 oz (75 g)

Logitech teamed up with Shroud, a well-known streamer, to create one of the best gaming mouse(s) of 2021. One of the things the former pro is known for is popularising Valorant.

The Logitech G303 Shroud Edition features a HERO 25K sensor and a lightest base weight, making it the ideal choice for gamers looking to participate in Valorant’s fast-paced action.

4) Glorious Model D minus Wireless

Brand Glorious
Price$79.99 / 6,090 Rupees
SpecificationsDPI: 19000
Sensor: Optical | BAMF 
Buttons: 6Ergonomic
Right-handed Weight: 2.3 oz (67 g)

In late 2021, Glorious debuted the minus versions of their model O and D wireless. The model D minus wireless has a BAMF sensor, which can optimise the mouse’s power usage when compared to its predecessor.

This model is a popular choice among Valorant players because to its ultralight honeycomb design and cutting-edge sensors.

5) Razer Viper Mini : Gaming Mouse for Valorant

Brand Razer
Price $39.99 / 3,039 Rupees
SpecificationsDPI: 8500
Sensor: Optical
Buttons: 6Ergonomic
False-ambidextrousWeight: 2.1 oz (61 g)

Razer has a sizable part of the gaming mouse market due to its popularity among consumers. The Viper Mini, while not its greatest model, is best suited to Valorant’s level of movement.

This wired mouse is inexpensive and lightweight, weighing only 61g, making it ideal for gamers who want to make the most accurate shots in the game.

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