5 best Classic Crate rewards in BGMI (June 2022)

BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) is known for one of the best realistic battle royal shooter gameplay in India. Like the global version, this Indian version of PUBG Mobile also offers weapons, maps, mods, realistic graphics and more. However, BGMI’s gun mechanics and game physics stand out, making it an impressive and entertaining game for Indian mobile gamers. However, the in-game features aren’t the only thing that attracts fans’ attention, as BGMI has a plethora of item skins that one can obtain. Players can use Events, the in-game shop, and the Royal Pass to obtain attractive in-game cosmetics. There are many ways to get different objects in BGMI, and Crate is one of them. Classic Crate

Best Classic Crate rewards in Battlegrounds Mobile India (June 2022)

The Best Classic Crate awards in Battleground Mobile India that players can claim this month are as follows:

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1) Grim Bisector Set

If players want dangerous-themed designs, and a mixture of two outfits then they can go for the Grim Bisector Set. Any BGMI character can wear the multi-colour wear set. Players cannot accessorize emote along with this Mythic outfits.

2) Fox Skull Backpack

The prize pool in Classic crates has several backpack skins that boast scary designs. However, the fox skull skin has a unique red and black-coloured scary skull design which makes it stand apart from others. The scary skull-like design is the highlight of the backpack on all three levels available.

3) Bunny Maid Set

After a beautiful backpack skin, the next reward on the list is the Bunny Maid Set, which is also quite difficult to claim due to its rarity. The pink and white colour outfit set has a bunny appeal because of the cute ears with the bunny set. Thus, the Bunny Maid Set is the best choice if the players want to look unique in the game lobby.

4) Jolly Good – Mini14

If players have extra coupons, the Jolly Good – Mini14 skin is a great collectable to unlock from Classic crates from Battlegrounds Mobile India. The Jolly Good – Mini14 has a purple and neon colour texture with a funky and cute design.

5) Mech Rabbit Helmet

Another impressive and cute looking collectable on this list is the Mech Rabbit helmet. Protective gear skin is extremely attractive when combined with the outfit sets mentioned earlier on this list. The helmet has a rabbit design on all three levels available.

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