3 reasons why Chrono is better than Xayne in Free Fire

Characters play an important role in Free Fire, supporting players in their quest for success. Active and passive abilities are the two types of abilities they have. For the former, Chrono and Xayne are two of the most popular choices. 3 reasons why Chrono is better than Xayne in Free Fire

Chrono has been nerfed multiple times throughout the years, whilst Xayne received a boost in the most recent Free Fire update. As a result, many players are unsure which one to use on the battlefield.

Chrono and Xayne’s ability in Free Fire

Time Turner by Chrono

An unbreakable force field is created at the highest level, blocking 800 damages. Individuals are unable to assault foes on the outside of the field from within the field. It lasts 6 seconds and then cools off for 120 seconds after each use.

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Xtreme Encounter by Xayne.

Users temporarily get 80 HP thanks to Xayne’s ability (decaying each second). Gloo Walls and shields now deal 130 percent more damage. The ability has a cooldown of 100 seconds and lasts for 15 seconds.

3 reasons why Chrono is better than Xayne in Free Fire

3) Cover in open

Chrono’s force field can provide players with cover in dangerous situations, letting them to do duties such as healing. Furthermore, if they do not have any Gloo Walls, it may be advantageous, and they can also equip the Rockie pet to reduce the total cooldown duration.

Professional esports athletes are known for their outstanding cover in the final zones, and this talent is frequently noted among them.

2) Assisting teammates

In Battle Royale or Clash Squad mode, players can employ Chrono to their advantage when playing duo or squad matches. To succeed in any of them, teammates are critical.

When multiple foes attack them, the character’s field can aid revive knocked-out comrades or provide support.

1) Instant protection

One of the most compelling reasons for gamers to choose Chrono has been the instant protection that Time Turner can provide since the character’s release. This could be crucial to their long-term survival on the battlefield.

However, Xayne’s temporary health and increased damage to Gloo Walls and shields may make him a superior choice for those who want to go all-in on offence.

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