3 additional cast members have been revealed for the Sailor Moon Cosmos anime films

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On Tuesday, three additional cast members for the two-part anime film adaptation of the final “Shadow Galactica” arc of Naoko Takeuchi’s original Sailor Moon manga, Gekijban Bishjo Senshi Sailor Moon Cosmos (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos the Movie), were unveiled on the project’s official website. Nana Mizuki, who is pictured above in the upper left as Princess Kaky, Megumi Hayashibara, who is pictured above in the top centre as Sailor Galaxia, and Kotono Mitsuishi, who is pictured above in the top right as Chibi Chibi are among the new cast members (lower right). Chibi Chibi is also being voiced by Mitsuishi, who also lends her voice to Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon and other anime characters. June 9 and June 30 are the movie opening dates. 3 additional cast members have been revealed for the Sailor Moon Cosmos anime films

Playing the role of Taiki K/Sailor Star Maker is Saori Hayami (top left in the above photo) (lower left). Sailor Star Fighter Seiya K is portrayed by Marina Inoue (top centre) (bottom centre). Yaten K. is played by Ayane Sakura (top right) (lower right). 

A recurring cast will be present in the movies

Both movies are being made by Toei Animation under the direction of Tomoya Takahashi (Den-noh Coil, Gatchaman Crowds). The screenplays will once again be written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (Land of the Lustrous, PriPara, and all six JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure episodes). The original Sailor Moon anime’s character designer, Kazuko Tadano, is still working on the new cast of characters. The music is being written by Yasuharu Takanashi (Naruto Shippuden). The artistic director is Yumiko Soraga.

The anime film project Pretty Guardians Sailor Moon Eternal the Movie (Bisho Senshi Sailor Moon Eternal), which consists of two parts, went live on Netflix on June 3. A fourth season of Sailor Moon Crystal will be replaced with the two-part film production. The movies follow the “Dead Moon” manga arc by Takeuchi.

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The debut of the first movie was initially slated for September 11, 2020, but was postponed to January 2021 as a result of the new coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) spreading throughout Japan. In February 2021, the second movie made its Japanese debut. The movies marked a 25-year gap since the last Japanese theatre screening of a Japanese-language instalment in the franchise.

In April 2016, the Death Busters arc (also known as the Infinity arc) was the main theme of the third season of Sailor Moon Crystal, which had a new cast. The season was available to stream on Crunchyroll, Niconico, and Hulu. The first two seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal were broadcast on these three services and others as they were originally made available online in Japan. Sailor Moon Crystal is also available on Netflix.

All three seasons were released in North America via a licence from Viz Media. In August 2016, the company published Sailor Moon Crystal’s first season on DVD and a DVD/Blu-ray Disc combo pack. The second season followed in February 2017, and the third season was released in December 2017.

It was the first time the season received a home video release in North America with Viz Media’s release of Sailor Moon Stars, the fifth and final season of the original Sailor Moon anime that adapts the “Shadow Galactica” arc. In its initial run from 1996 to 1997, Sailor Moon Stars consisted of 34 episodes.

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