BWF to vote on change to badminton scoring system after Tokyo Olympics

The Badminton World Federation will vote in May on a proposal to change the badminton scoring system after the Tokyo Olympics.

The BWF could introduce a new badminton scoring system. (Image: WIkipedia)

A number of proposals from member associations will be discussed during the upcoming Badminton World Federation’s annual general meeting (AGM). The most important of those is a joint proposal from Badminton Indonesia and Badminton Maldives, and seconded by Badminton Asia, to ‘amend the Laws of Badminton relating to the Scoring System.’

The AGM, scheduled for May 22, a proposal which affects the way the game is played will be put to the vote. The badminton scoring system could be altered from the current format. The sport currently uses a best-of-three games of 21 points each (21*3) but that could change to a best-of-five games of 11 points each (11*5), both on the point-per-rally format.

The change in scoring format has been a long-cherished dream of the BWF President, Poul-Erik Hoyer-Larsen. Larsen’s 1996 All England men’s singles triumph against Malaysia’s Rashid Sidek was under an old scoring system. Back then, the scoring system of best-of-three games of 15 points each (15*3) on the point-on-serve-only system was in force. Larsen tried to push the 11*5 system through in last year’s AGM, but had didn’t get the requisite votes.

Hoyer is standing for a third term in office. A two thirds majority will see the scoring change to be approved.

Not a new idea

An attempt to change the scoring got little to no support last time it was voted on in 2018. A proposal was also defeated in 2014.

Quality players who have represented India in their prime have encountered the three major scoring systems that have been tried over the years. The 15*3 format on the point-on-serve system that lasted until 2001.

The 7*5 format, also on the point-on-serve, that was introduced in 2002, which was scrapped almost immediately. And the 21*3 system that was introduced in 2003, and continues till today.

However, there exists a belief that moving to a 11*5 system will be disastrous for the game.

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