Twitter reacts to this week's AEW Dynamite as new tag team champions are crowned

Young Bucks is now 2 time AEW tag-team champions beating the Jurrassic Express on AEW Dynamite.

Young Bucks after winning tag team titles on AEW Dynamite [[email protected]]

The June 15 AEW Dynamite was intended to include a Triple Threat Ladder Match for the AEW Tag Championships. However, Jeff Hardy‘s DUI arrest and subsequent ban left us with only two teams: the champions, Jurassic Express, and the challengers, The Young Bucks. The teams, particularly Nick Jackson and Jungle Boy, made up for any shortcomings that Team Xtreme may have had. That one was part of their plot to eliminate Luchasaurus, and it worked for a while. The nimble big man soon returned to clear the house, setting up the moment when all four men fought atop ladders beneath the belts.

The Bucks got him again, first suplexing him into a ladder, then dropping an elbow on him to knock him through another table. They pushed him through four tables after he recovered enough to climb the ladders! That enabled The Bucks a clear chance at the belts, which they climbed and snatched, becoming the first AEW Tag Team champions to do so. Fortunately we weren’t finished yet! Christian Cage arrived to see how Luchasaurus was doing. He appeared to be doing the same for a hobbled Jungle Jack, but it was time for his turn. Con-Chair- Captain Charisma, his erstwhile apprentice, and heel, has returned, folks!

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AEW Dynamite twitter reactions

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