AEW news: Colt Cabana talks about when he first discovered AEW forming

AEW star Colt Cabana discussed how he found out about the company's inception, becoming a member of The Dark Order, and more during a recent interview on the "Going Broadway" podcast.

Colt Cabana in frame [Image-Twitter]
By Blesson Daniel | Mar 22, 2022 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Colt Cabana, an AEW star and instructor, visited the Going Broadway Podcast to discuss his current run in AEW. While Colt Cabana did sign with AEW in February of 2020, he was not meant to make his debut until April of that year, according to him. Instead, he made his formal promotion debut at AEW Revolution.

Cabana said, “When this all started, besides the EVPs, I was the next one to know. I have a very close relationship with the Young Bucks. If you read this book, you’ll see how they were inspired by a lot of the moves that I made. And I would say, luckily enough, I wasn’t a meanie to them. I was gonna swear. But of course, that’s not in my nature. So they became what they became and we’ve always had a very tight relationship.

“So the Young Bucks for sure just kind of have everything worked and we were waiting for the right time. I was with Ring of Honor. I was about to start with New Japan and tagging full time with Toru Yano, and you know, this opportunity kind of all hit at the same time and I made that decision and the pandemic happened.

“I signed in February of 2020. I had a ticket to New Japan and I was going to start after that New Japan tour. And you know, luckily, I wasn’t supposed to start at Revolution. I was supposed to start in April of 2020. But you know Tony’s just like ‘well, let’s start you now,’ which is the coolest. So yeah, I was able to work full time while the pandemic happened, and had I not, had I made the decision to stay with New Japan, I would have been sat at home essentially.”

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Colt Cabana in Brodie Lee’s Dark order stable

Colt Cabana finds himself a hesitant part of Brodie Lee’s Dark Order stable soon after entering AEW. Cabana said that he was meant to feud with Lee, but that after Lee’s death, he stayed with the organisation. He is thankful that he is still a part of the stable and that he has had the opportunity to bond with Lee.

Cabana said, “The thing I’m the most grateful for AEW is that I was able to spend that time with Brodie. You know, if I did not sign with AEW, I would not have spent any time with Brodie. Luckily I was able to be there with him and then involved with him, involved in an angle and then his passing literally made me stay with a group that had now become my best friends in the industry and people that I love.

Cabana speaks on his original plan for him and Lee

Cabana continued, “The angle was supposed to, obviously, me and Brodie were going to wrestle, and then I was gonna go my other ways and he would lead the Dark Order, but circumstances has it that I’m stuck in the vortex of the Dark Order. And of course, we bond so much over that. We still talk about Brodie. We always joke about Brodie. His child is there for us. Like that’s the best, to just remind us of him, to bring up the memories, to talk about him, and their presence backstage is so needed.

“The two kids and Amanda, and I love the idea of AEW for that. They’re so welcomed and his legacy will live forever. I mean, I’ve talked about that with some people in the locker room. It’s just that like, wrestling nowadays it’s just ‘onto the next thing. Onto the next thing.” We’re all like ‘you know if we pass, fine.’ But a week later, two weeks later it’s like ‘let’s move on.’ And that does happen in wrestling. It’s just the reality of it. So luckily we have these reminders of Brodie around to always keep them in mind and always keep them around.”